Weekend With The Girls

Friday, June 01, 2018

So last week I spent my weekend with the girls. We had a great lunch, great dinner and went to the movies both on Saturday and Sunday. We watched Kulari Ke Pantai and Incredibles 2, a kid movie marathon I guess. Quality time sometimes better than quantity. Especially during their school holiday. So a special weekend means, having a bit dress up outfit.

I’m wearing EN-JI Trella Sling Bag Grey and Amina Wallet Maroon to complete my look. Also gray is my favorite color. Its simplicity emphasizes its beauty and everything is in a great shape. You can also buy this bag online at [palominobag.com], simply click this link.

Have you ever heard “A women without a bag, is like body without soul”, yup we just can’t leave our house if we forget our bag, right? And mostly women always have a lot of handbag, either it’s classic or the newest trend, you cannot resist the happy feeling about having a new bag.

What I love, the quality of the bag was surprisingly good and can be use both ways, as a crossbody or shoulder bag. I’m a detail-oriented person, so this bag was amazing with the detail. Happy weekend.

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