Saying Goodbye To Laiqa

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Saying goodbye to your loved one is the hardest part. Suddenly you remember all the struggles and realized that it's not easy to be the survivor. The tears, hardwork and time that I've spent, somehow it's not gonna make me forget, that once I have a newborn child that is now becoming prettier each day.

And that's it. She's saying goodbye to you, closed her face. And no longer have a name to be remembered. I wish I can turn back time and change the past. So one day in the future she will always look back to you and proud to have that name (at that time, Laiqa was going to be my second child's name, I keep it because I love the meaning, intelligent).

Laiqa magazine, 2012-2016. My forth child after Lola, Lana and Casa Elana. You'll be missed by your mom.

@laiqamagazine is now changing her name to @HijupMagazine (online) and you will not find anything related to Laiqa in the future. Sayonara.

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  1. Senjakala media cetak ya mbaaaa. Aku turut sedih karena aku punya bbrp edisi LAIQA.

    Semoga suatu saat, Laiqa bisa hadir kembali

    1. Amiiinnnn, amiinnn..
      Huhu sedih jadinya inget ini...