Happy Mother's Day

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

There's always a thing that I've missed in the morning. I wish there's a reason to put on full makeup and get dress in the morning, as if there's a fashion show on my schedule or busy business deal meeting. I especially miss being around other people and having normal adult conversations with friends in the office. Well, in life you have to choose one decision, what's best for you and the family.

I can feel the big difference from having a great job title to just a simple full time mom. At first I thought that my life is not that amazing until I realized how lucky I am. For the past 8 years, I've tried my best to build my career path. I always know that before 30, I will reach my highest level in my 20's life. Next year I'm gonna be 30, so I guess my last position is the highest achievement.

For now, career is not on my list anymore. I'm not giving up on what I have, especially on my skill that I've got from 8 years of learning, but right now my girls need me more than they need toys. I'm so blessed to have my little family, and I'm willing to take care of them. I couldn't be more grateful for my future days.

(The calligraphy was specially made by @besinikel, thank you).

A famous quote says that, "A child doesn't need quality time, they needs quantity time, and home is where a child learns who they are". The quote was like a slap on my face. I know I'm not a perfect mom with a heart of an angel or even a mom who's super cool like chef that can cook and bake without even looking at the recipe book. I'm just a clumsy mom and sometimes easily got bored with the kids at home, also got clueless when facing the kid's drama. But I know deep down in my heart I always want to be with my kids everyday and doing my best for them.

I spent most of my days neither stay at home nor go to the mall with kids. I had chance to watch them grow every minute, hour and day. I'm also thrilled to be such a big part of their everyday lives. It might sound not so cool but for me cool means, when my kids are laughing because of my jokes even though it wasn't funny at all or they're smacking down my body just because I'm here, and they feel safe around mommy, and hurting me is something fun.

To all mothers, being a mom is not easy but at least we can always try to be a happy mom by doing things that we love, either working or stay at home. You know you have the ability to set goals on your plan, if plan A doesn't work, you will always have plan B or C. Just like motherhood, you know that sometimes you can be unhappy with the kids today, just relax because there will always be another happy days in the future. Remember your smile is more important than anything in the world.

Happy Mother's Day.

I'm sorry if there's a grammatical error on my writing, since this is the first long post that I wrote in English.

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  1. Ntah lha saya lebay atau apa.. Tp saya nangis baca tulisan ini.. Happy mother's day mba fifi :) .. Btw.. Bahasa inggris mu bagus mba.. Mudah d pahami :)

    1. Huhu jadi terharu baca replynya :') Terima kasih, happy mother's day juga ya.

  2. Quotesnya menampar sekali, tfs Mba Fifi..
    Aku post boleh, quotenya? :)

    1. Mbak, aku tunggu ya email calligraphy-mu. Bagussss sekali.

    2. sudah ya Mba Fifi, makasih banyak :D